Cannot connect to internet with VLANs

  • Hey everyone.
    I'm having a rather strange issue.
    I've just setup pfsense, running within vmware esxi 5.1 on a Dell PE R320II.

    Network setup is as follows
    WAN Interface is directly attached to the ADSL gateway having DHCP IP
    LAN Interface is attached to a Dell PowerConnect 2824 Switch. Port tagged on VLAN 1, 2 and 10

    The vlans are not in use yet. I'm just using VLAN 1 at the moment to test the setup

    Problem is:
    pfsense can ping to
    and when I use a client to ping to it says:
    "Response from target host unreachable"
    Also: For some reason i'm unable to ping to the pfsense box ( but it's not blocked by any FW rule.
    Strange thing is:
    When attaching the linksys ADSL GW to the switch AND to the pfsense box's WAN Interface I can ping, but as soon as the ADSL gateway gets disconnected from the switch I lose the ability to ping. But I can get an IP from pfsense..

    Any suggestions would be appriciated

  • It sounds like the WAN and LAN are connected together on one single layer-2 network. And that you have WAN and LAN subnets the same - The LAN client is probably getting DHCP from the ADSL gateway, rather than pfSense.

    1. Make your LAN subnet different from the WAN subnet.
    2. If you have 2 NICs in your pfSense hardware, then connect the ADSL gateway directly to 1 NIC and use that as WAN, completely separate from the VLAN stuff;
      otherwise you have to configure the VLAN switch, and use a VLAN for WAN devices and separate VLAN for LAN devices, with pfSense trunk port between them. That way a DHCP request from pfSense WAN is only seen by the ADSL gateway, and a DHCP request from a LAN device is only seen by the pfSense virtual LAN interface.

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