WebConfigurator and SSH Listen IP:port

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    I would like to tell the web configurator and sshd to only bind to a specific interface.  I am setting up like this:

    WAN = WAN
    LAN = Management
    OPT1 = GUEST1
    OPT2 = GUEST2

    Web configurator on port 8443, sshd on port 22.

    When I open a shell, and look at the listening ports, I see *:80 *:8443 and *:22

    I'd love to see management_ip:80, management_ip:8443, management_ip:22 instead like we can do with SNMP.

    I don't see any way to do this in the GUI. (2.1?)

    I edited /etc/sshd (adding ListenAddress) and /etc/inc/system.inc (Adding server.bind and the port 80 redirect to management_ip:80)

    This isn't working for me.  sshd isn't starting on boot even though the console message says it's starting..done.  I tried updating the pfSense_md5.txt with the right hash for /etc/sshd but no dice.  Running /etc/sshd manually starts the daemon.

    Is there something more elegant?  It would seem silly to have to have a block rule for every interface address on 22/80/8443 to achieve the same thing.  If I can adjust the listen address I can have one floating rule for all OPT/GUEST interfaces blocking traffic to the management subnet.

  • Hi,

    Firstly you should add managing ports and ip range to firewall which interface that want to permit to manage and then System > Advanced > Anti-Lockout must be checked.


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    Yeah.  I use the initial LAN port as my management interface so the anti-lockout functions make sense.

    I've been looking at this more since posting and have decided it is better to simply create a port alias with 80, 8443, and 22 and enter a reject rule that prevents each subnet from accessing those ports on their own interface.  I already have to have rules that reject traffic, for example, from OPT1 to Management and OPT2 anyway.

    Way better than modifying 2.0.3, though the ability to bind admin services (webConfig/ssh) to a specific interface would be a welcome enhancement.

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