Multi Wan with one ISP using bandwidth capping

  • I have a primary cable service at 30mb/s that is capped down to 250kb/s once 100gig is used in a month, I also have an unlimited ADSL2 service at around 12mb/s.

    I can set up 3:1 load balance while the cable is running at 30mb/sec but how do I automatically change the ratio to 1:40 when the cap kicks in or detect the slow performance and take the cable service offline while it is capped.

    I would have thought that dealing with capped services like 3G and cable would be a common set-up challenge but I can't find anything on the net. The only routers I have found that can do this "load balance based on dynamic WAN capacity" cost $1000+. It would be a great feature for pfsence.

    Another good reason to have dynamic balancing is that over the years I have noticed that there are patterns in the performance of my two ISP services, the ADSL goes slower in wet weather and around 5-8pm most nights.

    Thanks in advance

  • It can't be done automatically at this time.

  • Thanks for the prompt reply.

    Could I use an external script to change the weigh values of the WANS.

    Could I use an external script to take offline the CABLE wan if I detect it as slow

  • Here is the marketing text from Clavster, entry level is $980, is this on the development list??

    WAN Load Balancing, or Route Load Balancing, is an important function for most companies regardless of application. It enables you to connect multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to your Clavister product to ensure optimal Internet access, even in the case when one ISP service fails. By utilizing both Internet links at the same time, you can route outgoing traffic to the link with the most free capacity and/or with the lowest latency. By combining WAN Load Balancing with our Host Monitoring functionality you can make sure that the traffic distribution is dynamic and based on the current capacity and quality of each link. The WAN Load Balancing functionality is a must for any organization that require high quality Internet access at all time without having to pay for extremely expensive lease lines.

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