VLAN.Q config problem

  • Hello,

    please help, I spend lot of hours on this issue.

    I have physical server with PfSense which have 3 NIC.

    1. NIC: WAN
    2. NIC: LAN
    3. NIC: LAN_VLAN2

    3. NIC is configured to VLAN2 and as DHCP server ( Rule for this interface is ANY->ANY

    If I connect another PC ( via switch which include this PC to VLAN2 than this PC obtain adress from DHCP, but after I cant ping Server(PfSense).

    I see DHCP client (PC) in DHCP leases as Offline.

    Could you help me please?

    I tried PfSense on physical server, virtual server, I tried three NIC without result.

  • Your nic2 and nic3 are in the address space. Change your nic3 to another network, or subnet your existing address space.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks so much, now it works!!

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