Can somone please tell me the equivilant BSD/Pfsense Command?

  • Hi there. I was unsure whether to post this here or in the OpenVPN forum. What I am trying to accomplish the same thing as "killerb81" in this previous post:

    I use PrivateInternetAccess VPN and am trying to obtain the correct port to forward. Normally with the VPN application on the PC, you can simply select "Forward Port" and after the VPN connects, when you highlight the tray icon, you are presented with a port. I have been following the steps over at this topic:

    It appears as though there are 4 commands that need to be entered to obtain the port.

    The following command worked, to create the client ID:
    #head -n 100 /dev/urandom | md5 > ~/.pia_client_id

    The following command needed to be changed:
    #ifconfig tun0 | grep "inet " | cut -d\  -f2|tee /tmp/vpn_ip
    works when changed to:
    #ifconfig OPT1  | grep "inet " | cut -d\  -f2|tee /tmp/vpn_ip

    The following command would not work when entered into Pfsene:
    #curl|tee /tmp/vpn_external_ip
    My work around was to simply add the VPN IP address im connected to into
    a file named "vpn_external_ip" located in /tmp. I only connect to an individual
    IP. I do not use "" for example.

    Last and not least, is the Curl command:
    #curl -d "user=USERNAME&pass=PASSWORD&client_id=$(cat ~/.pia_client_id)&local_ip=$(cat /tmp/vpn_ip)"

    When I enter this final command, I get no output or confirmation. For example, if I enter "ifconfig", I get a result directy under the command. When I enter teh curl commands, I get no output or confirmation that the command worked. I am assuming this is because the command is more linux based. I am wondering what the command would be to enter into bsd/pfsense?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :D

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