Load Balance and FailOver + Squid

  • Hello PFSense Community

    I'm trying at long time to do LoadBalance with FailOver using Squid but without sucessful

    My firewal has two interfaces WAN

    The gateways are OK! and LoadBalance + Failover too but without SQUID :/

    When i try to use Squid Just in the port 3128.
        - Load Balance don't work
        - Only Wan0 can out to Internet.


    • The Last Rule is : All Blocked to all sources and destinations and any protocol. All interfaces (Wan0,Wan1,Lan)

    • I'm using a Dns Local Server as primary, and DNS GOOGLE( as secondary

    • I created one group called MultiWan with tier 1 in both WANS interfaces and nobody was setted as default.

    • Miscellaneous / Allow default gateway switching is allow. Would i have some problem if i don't set default gateway in my interfaces and select this option?

    • FLOATING (2 rules one to tcp/udp 53 and Tcp 3128. Source e destination any. ALL WANS destination OUT.

    • LAN ( Source LanNet/ Destination Any / Ports 53 3128)

    • Firewall: NAT: Outbound, MANUAL NAT –-> One rule for each interface. All Pass

    • SQUID: Proxy interface apenas a LAN.

    • Proxy Port 3128

    • DNS-servers: My local dns

    • Custom Options:  tcp_outgoing_address;

    Thanks For Help, i tried a lot of tutorias in the forum and don't works.

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