Firewall: Virtual IP Address: Edit -> Base not config restored on 2.0.3

  • A week ago I replaced a failed drive on a 2.0.3 i386 box that serves as a backup to a primary router.   When it booted, I restored the config.xml saved a few weeks prior.  I noted that the backup box had all its carp interfaces set to be primary, though I could see no reason why that was.  Checking all the interfaces and switches and cables there was no problem.  Finally I examined the config and found that while the primary had a base of 3 and skew of zero, the newly restored backup had a base of 1 I think it was the correct skew of 100.

    [edit re: pfsync]  The restored image reverted to http, not https explainin why pfsync didn't work.  Had I turned on pfsync the corrections would have been written.  So I'm thinking there is a bug in the restore process that is masked when pfsync works.

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