/etc/ssh /root/.ssh not restored from config.xml after prior sshd enable?

  • Replacing a failed drive I installed a fresh 2.0.3.  In a perhaps, perhaps not key unfortunate move, I enabled sshd to explore a bit before restoring.  Then I did a full restore from an xml file.  Rebooted.  The old /etc/ssh and /root/.ssh remained in effect. None of the ssh keys previously known by other hosts would work, and as the config prevented any username/password combo ssh was effectively dead.    I pulled the old drive out of the trash and was able to grab the /etc/ssh and /root/.ssh directories.  Loading those onto the new drive it all worked once again.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    those are not kept in the config.xml file.

    /etc/ssh keys are re-created when the host boots up the first time.

    Root's authorized_keys are written out from config.xml using admin's User Manager account entry. Manual changes to files in that directory are not kept and are not needed.

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