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  • Not really a big deal but I have noticed the following errors in 2.1-RC0 (amd64) built on Thu May 23 20:43:32 EDT 2013 :

    1. When adding a picture with the "Pfsense" theme the image is not in the frame correctly. Image size in picture is 350x180. I have tried 350 x 350 and even smaller sizes. I checked the same picture in all the other themes and no issues.

    2. Do the Dashboard under Version the system doesn't come back from telling you weather there is a new version or not. I do have a i386 deployment and the problem is not observed there. The i386 version is 2.1-RC0  (i386)  built on Thu May 23 19:52:31 EDT 2013.

    My browser of choice is Internet Explorer 10 although I have checked in chrome and have observed the same issues. I don't have Firefox installed.

    Below I have included a screen shot to show you the behavior.
    ![2013-05-25 16_51_45-Greenshot.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/2013-05-25 16_51_45-Greenshot.png)
    ![2013-05-25 16_51_45-Greenshot.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/2013-05-25 16_51_45-Greenshot.png_thumb)

  • Just curiosity only…

    What is the purpose, value, usefulness, etc. of a dashboard picture?

  • Just looks cool. I was doing some research on getting LDAP setup since Radius was not working. When I ran across a .pdf I guess Chris came up with some thing called Pfsense 2.0 and beyond. So I decided to check it out and that is when I discovered the issue. Probably existed in previous versions but never really cared before. I will say this, if you have several Pfsense deployments it can be a way to tell which one you are working on if you have a bunch of tabs opened up like I do sometimes.

  • Installation ID was the first thing I came up with too.

    But what might be really cool would be a color coded system status sprite that is updated by script.  Maybe a 3x3 grid with red, yellow and green boxes to give quick eye catching status of various components.  They could even have hyperlinks to the relevant logs and config.  And maybe a 3 column spanning top row for system ID.

    But that might be more easily implemented with table cells.  But that wouldn't be as cool.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The picture also also handy for:

    • Easy identification of a system, e.g. picture of the building its in, or the rack, or a graphic depiction of its name. Fun, but not entirely useless. (If you named your firewall after a character from a myth/novel/comic/tv/movie, why not have a picture of it?)
    • A large image warning other admins to not touch a production unit or they'll be <insert creative="" punishment="" here="">.
    • A company logo, or customer logo

    As for it spilling outside the widget, that's probably just a CSS issue in that particular theme if the others are all OK. It might be worth opening a bug report for that if others can reproduce it.</insert>

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