Port forwarding to the multiple addresses on same port

  • Dear All,

    I am new to pfsense and have been struggling with this set for days now. I finally decided to check the forum to see if someone has already posted it and if not seek some help.

    I have 5 static public IP

    I have 2 Polycom HDX 8000 units inside a VLAN. The VLAN's parent's interface is the LAN interface.

    The polycom units are addressed and

    The Polycoms are inside the PFSENSE Firewall and we need to connect to and from to the Polycoms through the firewall the outside.

    The Polycoms uses the H.323 and both require 1720 opened on the firewall to connect to them.  Connections to and from the 2 units can take place simultaneously

    Both units must have the NAT public IP address set on them as part of the setting.

    My problem is how to port forward to the 2 units  on the same 1720 ports?

    What I have done so far is port forward to one of the units on 1720 using a 1:1 NAT from one of the public IPs (The WAN interface) to one of the units and that seems to be OK.

    I created a virtual IP PROXY ARP using one of the other static public IPs and thought I can use that to port forward 1720 to the other unit. Again using 1:1 NAT, but this is not working.

    I have read the pfsense definitive guide on VIPs and NATing, but I don't think am quite understand the different VIPs and their use cases and theire relationships with Nating, (1:1 and port Forwarding) and outbound NATing.

    Can someone please help?

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