Internet Connectivity Issues - KVM

  • Hello everybody,

    I have a couple issues with internet connectivity. I am currently running pfSense 2.1-RC0 as a KVM guest in a dedicated Gentoo Linux host using virtio drivers. The NICs for both LAN and WAN are dedicated.

    I am not using Squid or any other packages on pfSense at the moment. There are no Load Balancing policies active.

    My first problem is that certain types of websites fail to load or load slowly, while others load fine. Gmail and Charter are examples of webpages that have issues and will sometimes timeout. My second issue is Windows Update fails with the error code 8024401C on all Windows boxes on my network. I have enabled and disabled UPnP & NAT-PMP with no improvement with Windows Updates.

    I assumed it was an MTU issue so I ran tests and found that the default MTU of 1500 was optimal for WAN. I left MSS blank in the WAN configuration. I was using OpenDNS as my main DNS host and reverted back to Charter's DNS with no improvement. The problems disappear if I remove pfSense from the network and replace it with a consumer router.

    All other application traffic such as games and hosted services (SSH, MySQL) work perfectly. In fact, interestingly enough, I use Hamachi and Tinyproxy on my Gentoo Linux guest behind pfSense to serve HTTP traffic to my computer at work and do not experience any of the website issues like I do on my LAN at home.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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