Email Report Only, No Need for System Notifications

  • I installed the Email Report package because it was what I needed.
    I only wanted to have an automatic RRD reports weekly.
    I can't do that if I don't enable the notifications under System: Advanced.
    It did work, the Email Report was working and the Systems notification was working.

    My connection is erratic and always send an email that the GW has high latency.
    But I don't want to receive hundreds of notifications per day from my System. I know my ISP is problematic and I can live with that.

    What I only want to receive in my mail is the RRD once a week.
    Is there an option in pfsense to turn off the sys notifications but can still use the Email Report?

    I tried doing a "cheat" by putting higher thresholds for the latency under the routing settings so that pfsense will not send the high latency notifications of the GW.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    No there isn't an option to do that just yet. One of the areas I'm hoping to work on for 2.2 is the notifications to allow for more flexibility.

  • Thanks for the information, I can't wait for that feature in 2.2.  ;D

    Since my email provider doesn't use the SSL authentication for the SMTP, I check the "Enable SSL/TLS Authentication" so that the box cannot send the notifications and only uncheck it if I want to send the RRD.
    It is like a manual sending of the graphs. But much better than manually copying each graph to paint/word processor. :D