Will this work?

  • I have my PFsense LAN interface set up like this…

    LAN IP

    DHCP Range to Which if Im not mistaken will give me around 1024 IP's

    I have client PC's on static IP mapping at to 50

    on my DCHP Range I have a subnet of Will this affect PC's on my static mapping?

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    Your scope is handing out addresses that could overlap your static..  If your going to setup static of to 50, seems odd that your pfsense lan is 10.1 ??  doesn't even fall into your static range?

    But you should create multiple pools under our /22 so you would have a pool say that goes from

    8.1 to 10.9 and then on that goes from 10.51 to 11.254

    And pfsense lan IP should not be inside your pools either, maybe make it 10.10 so it first in your static range

  • Thanks. But how do I create these multiple pool of subnets?

  • Why not use the KISS principle. Put the static stuff first, then a single DHCP pool for the rest:
    a) pfSense LAN IP
    b) Other static servers, access points etc - through 40
    c) DHCP of to

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    ^Exactly that would be a better option ;)

    But as to pools, not sure if available in the 2.0 line - in 2.1 you can create pools of addresses that all fall under the same segment

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