Bes configuration for Multi VLAN traffic forwarded to Firewall.

  • Hi,

    We have in the office 4 VLAN, so my perimeter router, (CISCO), forward all traffic to the pfSense appliance, (Firewall + Webproxy + traffic shaping + traffic limiters), So all traffic coming from VLANs is forwarded to the LAN interface of the firewall.

    INTERNET <–--> (pfSense) <----> (Cisco Router) <----> VLAN1
                                                                                |<----> VLAN2
                                                                                |<----> VLAN3
                                                                                |<----> VLAN4

    Is this the best way to go or is better to use a bridge or configure VLANs in the pfSense box, I'm asking because I have traffic shaping and traffic limiters and some queues aren't working, no packets are received by these.

    Bes regards,

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