• I have a reuest: I'd really appreciate to have the possibility to limit the amount of e-mails sent by pfsense.
    If you have several gateway-groups and a member goes down, you get a mail for every gateway group. And this quite often, I have the impression every second. So I get literally hundreds of e-mails each time when something goes wrong. That even goes so far that logging in to the firewall get's nearly impossible..
    I guess one e-mail per event would be enough…



  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It does try to prevent itself from sending out the same e-mail repeatedly but that only works if it's one message going out repeatedly. If it's a group, then the "last" e-mail would always be different, so the limit doesn't kick in.

    Not sure what it might take to expand the current core to support better limits, but it's not quite as easy as what's being done now.

  • Don't know. The question is, do I need to know from which groups a line has been removed?
    An e-mail like 'WAN' has packet loss and is removed from all gateway groups would be sufficient (to me, at least) - then, the limit would work, as well, I guess.

    The other possibility would be to maybe set a variable about which line thast message was sent and if the next error is the same type of error for the same line not send it again.. or something alike..

    Like it's done now the whole e-mail notification is pretty much useless to me as it literally generates hundreds of e-mails and even brings the firewall to a point where I'm no longer able to log in.