Snort not working with pfsense 2.1 RC0

  • I am having problem getting Snort to work with pfsense 2.1 RC0. After installing Snort and enabling it on the WAN interface, I cannot connect to the internet anymore. The dashboard showed that WAN interface (DHCP) did not get an IP address (showing from my cable modem. It appeared pfsense kept trying and kept losing the IP address. The Services status also showed that dhcpd and dnsmasq were having problem starting. I did not have problem using Snort with pfsense 2.03. Anybody having the same problem?

  • I have problem with the Beta 2.1 dated 5/22 It would block my web also .. had to remove it. I did find out that I could go to the keyboard for the pfsense and redo the LAN IP Option #2 and then I would have net for few seconds or minute.. long enough to get the PFSENSE firewall page up and disable snort.

    I got it to work in 1 beta 2.1 after I did find /* | grep -i snort | xargs rm -rv to remove it all and reinstalled it making sure the option to save settings was unchecked first

    going to try in 2.1 RC see if I can get running

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