• Hello everyone,

    I am running pfSense-2.1-RC0 amd64.

    I have a multi-wan setup, with 3 VLANs configured on the physical WAN interface, one for each WAN link.
    I need to be able to know the following at any time:
    1. all connections (including source & destination IPs & ports) on each VLAN
    2. directions of the traffic for the connections above, ie, upload & download on each VLAN
    3. the bandwidth used (Kbps or Mbps) by each connection on each VLAN

    pfTop does not give the details per VLAN or even per interface.
    vnstat2 cannot be installed on 2.1-RC0.

    Is there a pfSense package which satisfies the above requirements?
    Otherwise, is there another software I can install on another server to do that?

    Thanks a lot for any pointer.

  • You can install Pfflowd and have it send data to another server.

    Prtg is free on windows for 20 sensors/users. If you stick there add banner on your site I think you can get 20 or 30 more free sensors.
    The full version runs free for 30 days. Lots of data.

    Nfsen I think is one for linux. Look up flow collector and you will find several for linux.