• Hello,
    Im not sure this if this is the right board but ill ask my question. I am in the process of planning out my home network. I have a netgear wnr3700 router. Here are the Questions

    1. I want to use pfsense should my wan be plugged into my router of the pfsense box?
    2. I would like to be able to access my file server externally, can openVPN be added to pfsense or i would need a separate box?
    3. Would using squid as a proxy benefit my access to my files externally?

    thanks in advance for your help.

  • 1. pfSense should be frontend for all other services
    2. OpenVPN is recommended solution for accessing anything in LAN, it can be added (I recommend You using additional package named OpenVPN Export Utility to export config files for Your VPN client)
    3. I think answer is no, however I don't know Squid capabilites well