Is this supported – RouterBOARD 14 miniPCI to PCI adapter

  • Does anyone know if the RouterBOARD 14 miniPCI to PCI adapter is platform agnostic or does it only work for the routerBoards?

    Can it be used with a Soekris Net4801 with pfSense?

    I am thinking about a 3 radio access point. Am I nuts? (maybe :o)

    I would really like to create a complete, all-in-one AP and router for a POP.

  • I would still like to know if the above card is supported (or would likely work), but I think I found that the Soekris net4521 will do what I want.

  • why not mail the vendor and let us know? it seems nobody has experience with that board and as the routerboard itself is not able to run pfsense/m0n0 it's most likely that nobody has ordered such a board+card unless it was used for something else.

  • I will do that. Could you tell me what the situation is with the rest of their hardware? Is there any effort to get pfSense working on routerBoard? I read that recently certain Linux distributions are beginning some support of it. I would be willing to get one of the pci/mini-pci adapters to try, but it looks like the net4521 does what I want. I will post back what I find.

  • The routerboard has a MIPS CPU which isn't supported by freebsd and it also only has 32 MB RAM:

  • Hi,

    I am using the RouterBoard 14 adapter card with a Soekris vpn1411: 33/66 Mhz Mini-PCI type III form factor on a stock FreeBSD 6.2 install. So I guess it should work together with pfSense as well.

    Daniel S. Haischt

  • … just in case...
    routerboard 200 series should be able to run pfsense (monowall runs on it for sure)

  • Just to let you know.

    I'm using Routerboard 14 on three x86 (PC) systems with pfsense.

    Everything is working fine.

  • I think PCI to miniPCI adapters are fairly generic. I'm running a a minipci wireless card off of a $10 ebay special pci-minipci card with no problems.