Automatically save preset settings during new install

  • I usually install 5-10 gateways per week. They all have the same basic configuration, but I can't simply copy the config.xml over because hardware names change, some have more/less nic cards, etc, etc.

    I came up with something to save time and I'm going to share!

    The idea is that I install pfSense from the LiveCD install. I then plug my computer in to the LAN port and run a PHP script from my computer. This script automatically sets all of the usual configuration for me like changing the theme, setting the timezone, changing the admin password, etc.. basically when the script is done, I know the machine is ready to be installed by one of our techs.

    Feel free to check out the Github Project @

    I've included the PHP Class that makes it happen, and a sample file to get you started!

    All you need is the file name that the information should be sent to and the information to send! You can find this information by viewing the HTML of any form in the WebGUI.

    It's definitely a work in progress, but feel free to check it out and let me know what you think!