IPSEC Tunnel using Public IP's

  • I need some routing help Please.
    I'm trying to build a IPSEC Tunnel using pfsense and cisco asa in the other end, here is the scenario.

    Site A (Public IP / pfsense WAN interface IP) LAN Subnet

    Site B (Public IP / CISCO ASA WAN interface IP)
    Don't Know their Local LAN

    IPSEC Tunnel Phase 1

    From To Remote Gateway Results OK

    Here is the problem…

    IPSEC Phase 2

    They want me (SITE B) to use this public ip ( to encapsulate the data between the Tunnel.
    I have this setup

    MODE = Tunnel
    Local Network = Lan Subnet
    Remote Network = Type = Address = (Public IP) Notice that is different from the Phase 1, Also they want to use (This IP is another Public IP from My end) as my local Network from their end.

    PLEASE H E L P how can I accomplish this?

    Thanks in advance

  • Did you ever get this worked out?  I am having a similar issue…

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