Dual wan dual Pfsense setup sanity check please

  • I want to set up a load-balancing PFsense setup with 2 PF sense boxes and 2 different ISPs (independent IP addresses) and have the devices on my network be able to access both wan connections

    I previously had a netgear dual-wan router, but it died on me.. so I am looking for a better solution (with no single point of failure) - I had it set up such that is segregated traffic to the different WAN ports based on the client/port, and was happy with the setup (until it died ofc)

    attached is what I have in mind - should switch3 be a managed switch? (I have a managed switch, but it's only 100mb/sec, while everything else is gigabit)

    The idea is that if one of the PFsense boxes goes down, the other one will sense it (via carp?) and pick up all the traffic - yes that would cause dropped connections, but the subsequent retry should go through (I think)

    attached is my poor paint diagram of what I am thinking