Pfsense as Firewall and router,dd-wrt router as AP need some help

  • Hi Guys,

    Im new to Pfsense and need some help.
    The reason why I have to use a wireless router is because pfsense don't have pretty good support on wireless cards, tried a TP-link and a rosewill card, none worked.

    Here is the problem,
    my service provider is ATT uverse business, 4 static IPs
    we have about 8 work station, 1 server, 1 DVR and a couple printers running off the modem/router att provides, wired and wirelessly. I guess its too much for it so we have to restart it every 3 days-5days or so.

    I have already built a machine running Pfsense with 2xGB cards, 1 wan and 1 lan.  1x100m that is on the motherboard as OPT1 for my wireless router.

    wan is directly to my att modem, lan is to a switch for all my working station,server,DVR and printers. worked perfect, using and
    my att modem/router is
    for DD-wrt router, I really don't know how to config it.

    There are 3 wireless working station which needs to connect to the server as well

    Should I just use DHCP and AP mode on the router and everything will work?
    Or should I provide a static ip like which is different than my PFsense?

    Please provide the best solution for this.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Netgate Administrator

    You should have your DD-wrt box setup as an access point only so:
    Disable DHCP on the dd-wrt box.
    Enable DHCP on the pfSense OPT1 interface.
    Set the dd-wrt box to a static IP in the OPT1 subnet so you can access it later.
    Connect the ethernet cable from the pfSense OPT1 interface to one of the dd-wrt LAN ports.
    Add firewall rules to the pfSense OPT1 interface to allow traffic from the wireless clients to your server.