• So, for some reason recently the gateways keep going on and off. I tried updating to the latest build(pfSense-Full-Update-2.1-RC0-amd64-20130529-1659.tgz), but the issue persists.

    This causes my internet to stop and start a lot. The actual internet connection is fine to these, one of them is DSL and the rest are cable.
    opt3 likes to go off the most, it's connected via usb (ue0). I didn't have this problem on pfsense 2.0
    Anyone else have this issue?

  • well it seemed to stop doing that after I removed opt3, the usb ethernet adapter

    however I have a new problem.

    I am only maxing wan1 right now, but if I check the gateways they are all high latency for some reason

    opt1 has no load, and yes it's a cable line, but it didn't use to do that.
    opt2 is dsl and it's not related.

    How can they all be showing the same high ping?

    here is my routing

    also in the firewall rules ->lan there is a rule for the balance of course.
    I had no issues with this in pfsense 2.0.