• I am running a multi-LAN / multi-WAN for a private community.
    I'm using VLANS to separate those networks.
    They all have their own /24 network and thanks to extensive monitoring it works alright….

    To provide this community of content I was thinking of using Plex.
    Plex is a uPnP mediaserver that can be discovered by many mediaplayers, including Televisions with Internet-access.
    Some brands like LG, Samsung and Google TV have their own Plex-client which makes browsing especially easy.

    Is there an easy way to propagate this Plex-server which is running on one of those LANs on these other LANs in a way that these Plex-clients can discover them into their own LAN?
    Can it be done using static routing or do I need a proxy for this?

    I guess there are many ways to do it.
    I prefer the most elegant way, especially one that will have its config in the pfsense's config.xml so I don't have to set it up separately if I ever have to replace the pfsense server....

  • Well the PLEX app has an option for specifying the server IP, making it communicate though unicast. Then it should be no problem to route between subnets.

    But i guess you want to use the auto-discover function? It must be using some multicast groups for this, and my experience with igmpproxy tells me that it is hard to get to work (if even possible) with this kind of multi directional multicast traffic.

  • If it's using mDNS, and I'm not sure if PLEX does, you'd need to use something like avahi.  I'm using it now for mDNS on two physically separate LANs and it seems to work as expected.