Limiters not working as expected…

  • Hi guys,

    I'm experiencing a trouble with limiters.

    We have an internet connection that is shared between multiple clients. 12 mbits(up&down)

    First client have 10 mbits max and the other one have 4 mbits max.

    Each client have an interface in Pfsense. (all with public IP and NAT disabled)

    I created two limiters for each client.

    client1_in 10mbits & client1_out 10mbits
    client2_in 2mbits & client2_out 2mbits

    I have one floating rules (inbound direction) for each client interface that redirect all traffic into their respective in & out pipe and with the shared wan connection as gateway.

    When I make a speedtest it seems to work, traffic is well shaped in both direction.

    But in practice client1 full upload can reach continuously 12 mbits.

    Is there a possibility that limiters could be bypassed and explain why this happens ? (Last 2.1 snapshot)

    Thank you for your help.

    Here is a graph of the 12mbits client, upload in green not correctly shaped, and download in blue, stay under 10mbits.