• After doing some initial testing with about a dozen users I'm attempting to utilize pfsense for our entire campus with approximately 800 daily users .  The testing went fine, but now it seems with increasing regularity, the firewall is having a kernel panic.  First it was twice a week.  Now it seems to be once per day.  Excess load on the system doesn't seem to be a cause.  I've allocated plenty of resources.  I just uploaded the crash dump.  Could somebody take a look at it?  The time stamp should be May 30 10:08 EST and the source IP should be 66.242.127.x or 199.193.150.x.  I can attach the dump file to this post if that'd make it easier.

    I'm currently running the firewall in virtualbox.  I'm considering testing on bare metal to see if the issue persists.  Or, I may test with 2.1.  I look forward to any help anybody could provide. Thanks!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    In both of the submitted crash reports, the crash happened when the VM attempted to access the CD-ROM for some reason, but it timed out.

    Assuming you installed from an ISO to a virtual hard drive, make sure the ISO has been removed from the VM, or even better, remove the CD-ROM from the virtual hardware list entirely.

    You might also experiment with the various controller modes in vbox, some work better than others but it varies depending on the host OS. It's usually easier to just kill the CD-ROM since it's not needed after install.

  • Excellent.  Thanks for the quick response.  The pfSense ISO had already been removed, so I've removed the CD-ROM device from the VM.  I'll report the results here.

  • Just updating.  Disabling the CD-ROM device in Virtualbox seems to have resolved the issue.  Thanks again!