Sasyncd (ipsec failover)

  • I noticed that a previous thread from 6 years ago mentioned someone porting sasyncd from openbsd to freebsd and did some integration work to put it into pfsense and mentioning it seemed to be working.  I didn't see any other comments about it in the thread but I did find a commit pulling it out saying they gave it their best shot.

    sasyncd provides syncing of the SAD, etc so that there is a seemless failover to a secondary VPN server/firewall.

    Does anyone know what the reason was for the removal?  I saw something mentioned that racoon didn't have a primary and backup status or something along those lines.

    I have some sites that need to be up as long as possible because of the time sensitive data they send over VPN.  For those sites it would be very beneficial to have a seemless failover for VPN to go along with the seemless state failover that already works great for TCP/UDP/etc connections.