Firebox x500 and pfsense hmm…

  • so here is one for you all. I have this firebox x500 from watchguard tech, and I did a conversion to pfsense 2.0.3 works wonderful I even got the lcd on the box to work.
    so cool so cool yeah!!!

    well I have this little problem. for some unknown reason I can't port forward any UDP packets. it works with TCP and other protocols but UDP will not forward.
    after playing with it for like ever I reinstalled the software for the firebox from watchguard and still can not port forward UDP
    so I reinstalled pfsense back onto this cool looking firebox but still no port forward for UDP hmm
    can this be a hardware thing? maybe I should just buy some other box? what you all think

  • Netgate Administrator

    This seems very unlikely to be a hardware limitation.
    What are you trying to forward the UDP packets to? What makes you thing it's not working? Any other details that might be relevant.