Route is not working until ping command

  • Hi, I have weird problem for me :)

    I am routing local network (eth0) to VPN network (eth1)

    Local network - GW
    VPN network - GW

    On VPN network is Cisco ASA on IP - I have this as another GW setup in pfsense.

    Static routes are set: via

    FW rules set from local network to VPN netork - everything can communicate

    Pass * * * to * *

    FW rules set in VPN network - everything can communicate to local network and everything can communicate via optional GW

    Pass * * * to * *
    Pass * * * * to * via

    Everything looks fine, but commication is working only after I run ping to 192.168.1.X machine.
    Ping is working well, and after ping is working everything, but if I will not use ping first, no communication.

    Can anyone explain me, what is causing thins and how i can fix it?

    Thanks :)

  • I think the problem can be PROXY ARP.

    On the Cisco ASA is proxy arp enabled.

    How is possible enable or check if proxy arp is working on pfsense?