Openvpn speed differences between full install & nanobsd

  • I have the full install (2.0.3) on a machine (dual core, 4gb ram with a magnetic drive) running an openvpn tunnel with full passthrough that I can get 4mb down and 2mb up remotely when tunneling through my pfsense box.  my connection from the ISP where the pfsense box is located is 25mb down 2mb up.  When i switch to the nanobsd install on a different pfsense box (via 1.0ghz, 1gb ram, 2gb cf card) with the same config, i get 1mb down and 1mb up.  I am testing these from the same remote location.  does anyone know if the speed difference is from having the full install, magnetic hd, more ram, or all of the above. i am guessing it isn't a proc speed issue as i never see the processor meter on the dashboard get above 25% on the via and 5% on the dual core.  Thanks.

  • Yup.. its the processor. Faster the processor.. faster is the VPN throughput (to an extent ;) )

  • thank you. it's weird though because i don't see a cpu spike when i download a large file over vpn on the 1 ghz system.