Bonjour through IPSec

  • Hi
    I’m new to pfSense so I need a little help to run my vpn. Before I used Draytek routers (Vigor 2820 and 2920) to connect 2 offices through an IPSec tunnel. To see the Bonjour services from the other side I had just to allow to pass “Multicast via VPN”. But how do I do this now with the vpn between pfSense and the 2920?
    Please give me a step-by-step guide for that.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    pfSense does not currently have a way to pass Multicast over IPsec.

    It would work over OpenVPN with a static key tunnel (Using the Avahi package), but not IPsec.

  • So I have to add the needed services to avahi by hand. :(

    Hope this feature will be added very soon. Any information about the roadmap of pfSense?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    No, Avahi can't run over IPsec, so that won't work.

    There have been a couple ideas in the past that sounded promising to make it work, but none have ever actually succeeded. I'm not sure if there will be a way to make that work or not in the future.

  • Very strange now. Now I can see some Bonjour services from the remote side in Safari and in an app called Bonjour Browser. But they are not reachable nor can be resolved. It seems that some information come through the vpn tunnel but not all needed stuff. Any idea?

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