Redirect to internal address

  • I'm running an email server in my house, behind my PFSense router.  I have port forwarding setup and all is good from outside.  Also, when I'm home, I can connect internally to the 192.168.x.x address; that works great.

    What I'd really like to do is connect to the server both home and away without reconfiguring the server address in my email client.  Right now, I have two mail servers configured - one to my external address and one to my internal address.

    thanks for any suggestion. 

  • Enable NAT reflection to use the external address.

  • Sadly, there is no joy in mudville…

    Interface: LAN
    Protocol: TCP
    Source: ANY
    Destination: Single Host: 24.2.x.x (my external address)
    Destination Port: 80
    Redirect IP: 192.168.x.x (My internal server)
    Redirect Port: 80
    NAT Reflection: Enabled

    Thanks in advance

  • FIXED: solution posted for anyone else looking to fix this problem.

    I had to go into System -> Advanced -> Firewall/NAT and deselect the checkbox called 'Disable NAT reflection'.  I believe that is what gderf meant.

    Information came from:'t_I_access_forwarded_ports_on_my_WAN_IP_from_my_LAN/OPTx_networks%3F