• Hi, I have a setup where I have multiple vlans (say 5-6) all using one large unswitched switch (well two small switches linked together).

    Now I wanted to check the best way to configure all the machines connecting.

    So my first subnet is for the webservers, these will all use static IP's, so theres no problem there

    My second subnet is for WiFi devices, so the easy thing I can do here is connect my wireless router to a port on the switch, assign the routers IP manually on the router configuration, then enable DHCP on this subnet, and all future devices that connect to this router will get an IP address via DHCP. Some IP addresses will get reserved for certain devices, in order to allow the development laptops access to the server subnets etc.

    My final subnet is for our internal servers and workstations, I think I can only configure these all via static IP (as there will be multiple subnets on the switch they are connected to). The only devices that need DHCP are those on the WiFi.

    I think I am correct in saying that I can only use DHCP on a setup like this, where I have another router in between the device and pfSense (due to the fact I am using multiple subnets on one switch)

  • Ok, so am I understanding that you are dumping 5-6 separate networks into one (non-vlan'd) switch? If so, what would motivate you to something like that? The noise you hear is Dave Sincoskie spinning in his grave.