• Hi

    I can't setup correctly a limiter with a second Gateway.

    I limit my IN (Upload OUT_LTE_Limit (500kbps)) and OU (Download IN_LTE_Limit (14Mbps)) in Lan Rule with second gateway (PPP). The problem is the same limit is applied in IN and OU depends on the limiter list order (the last-one),i think, in and ou have +/- 450kbps if i change the order i can have +/- 12Mbps in download and the maximum (850kbps) in upload.

    My setup:
    pfsense:2.1 RC0 (amd64) - built on Sun Jun 2 15:46:06 EDT 2013
    Wan (PPPoE) - Limit works (IN (350kbps) OUT (1100kbps) )
    LAN in Bridge Loc + Wifi (net.link.bridge.pfil_member = 0 and net.link.bridge.pfil_bridge=1)
    LTE (PPP - u392-u12) (Limiter problem)

    OUT_Limit (350kbps)
    IN_Limit (1100kbps)
    IN_LTE_Limit (14Mbps)
    OUT_LTE_Limit (500kbps)

    Rule with limiter (Lan) on top:
    IPv4 * Gw_lte * * * LTE_PPP none (Gw_lte aliase with my local ip)