Internal redirection to PFsense

  • Hello, I have cisco router in my network. It's managed by our internet provider and we don't have access to control it.
    My internal network is 192.168.1.x mask gateway is router IP Cisco has port forward of ports 8080 and 80
    to one of my local address

    So what I did. I install vmware server on pc with two nics. Wan interface i marked as subnet 24bit, gateway from cisco the created LAN interface I can connect to interface successfully and mangage PFsense.

    Then i created web server But my 80 port not working. Also from internal network I can't connect to PFsense entering in address bar it's "external" address

    My topology looks like this
    WAN IP -> Cisco router > LAN -> Pfsense  -> web server

    What I am doing wrong?