• Hi, im having troubles with static routing.. documentation are no help for me.

    my pfsense has 4 NICS and as ff:

    WAN - ISP
    LAN - (local connection to my other servers)
    OPT1 - (VLAN 5) as GW
    OPT2 - (VLAN 10) as GW

    ISP is my default gateway for my OPT1 and OPT2, i can successfully surf internet.

    But i want to access my servers inside my LAN interface from OPT2 (VLAN 10) , i have an FTP server in

    but i can only ping, beyond that, i cannot reach any other hosts.

    basically, what i want is, to be able to access my hosts in my subnet, how do i create a static routing for it?

  • You do not need static routes for traffic between subnets on the pfSense - delete the static route. You just need to have pass rule/s on the interface/s to allow the traffic - which you have. Usually this turns out to be a problem with the server firewalls, that don't respond to the ping. Or the netmask on the server is too big, and it thinks it can reply directly on its local subnet, or?
    Are there any other routers (e.g. does LAN have another gateway, in addition to pfSense?)
    Also, use traceroute to see where the packets are routed, in case there is some way it is being routed out WAN.

  • hi, thanks for the input. you were right..  LAN has conflict with another gateway! thanks :)