HVAP Whitelist Not Working

  • We are running PF Sense version 2.??.First a little background about our environment. We have a remote location that has PFSense as their firewall. They have a VPN IPSec tunnel configured to connected to our location that also has a PFSense firewall. The remote location is trying to access a web server that is a internal webpage. However for some reason HVAP blocks the page from being loaded. We have whitelisted the web server by adding the IP Adress in the whitelist on the remote location's firewall. It still blocks the web server. When we disable the anti-virus on the remote location's firewall the webpage loads fine. However we have other remote locations that can load the webpage fine with HVAP installed without white listing. My questions is why isn't the white list working on this program? Thanks in advance for any help.

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