'Routing pool' for routing the same subnet on WAN/LAN?

  • Hello,

    My ISP recently gave me a new CIDR block, with my default gateway being an alias on one of their routers.

    I need to use the public IPs from this CIDR on my LAN side, however, routing/firewalling the traffic through my pfSense router to my servers (the software vendor requires servers to have public IPs).

    They said I could just 'route a pool of IPs' from outside to inside without using any kind of NAT.  I've never heard of this before, does anyone know what they're talking about?

    We had talked about configuring my WAN address with an IP from a different CIDR, and using OSPF to announce the route to the new CIDR on the LAN side, but the ISP said that wasn't necessary and that I should just 'route a pool' instead.