• I have 3 NICs in my pfsense set up, WAN, LAN, LAN2. LAN is while LAN2 is 10.0.01/24. The question is, How do I let my LAN Clients Access LAN2 Clients in my firewall? Anyone please help

  • The default "pass all" rule on LAN will let sessions be started from LAN to LAN2 devices.
    To start a session from LAN2 to LAN you have to add a rule on LAN2 to allow traffic source LAN2net, destination LANnet.
    Also, from LAN2 you can't browse for file shares/printers on LAN (and vice versa). It is good to have DNS somewhere that has names for local servers/network printers, so people can use the names and they are taken to the IP address. "somewhere" can be the DNS forwarder in pfSense - add host entries there and clients that are using the pfSense as their DNS will get the names.

  • So if I fully understand what you're saying that means by default I can access clients on LAN2 from LAN. I'm trying to ping a LAN2 Client PC from LAN but I get no replies.

  • Make sure the computer on LAN2:
    a) does not have a firewall that blocks ICMP/ping (this is usually the problem when using ping to a Windows client)
    b) the client on LAN2 is using pfSense as its gateway (that should be correct if it gets DHCP from pfSense)

  • I think letter "a" is the answer. Basically what im trying to do is Im trying to access an AP( in my LAN2 Subnet ( from my LAN Subnet ( I configured a firewall rule in may LAN2;

    Action: Pass
    Interface: LAN2
    Protocol: ANY

    Other Options: default.

    But Still I cant access its web configuration. Help PLease