Static Route to PPTP interface

  • Hello,

    I have a problem when using a static route that points to PPTP server IP. Everything works fine until the PPTP connection is dropped, the static route gets removed. The static route does not come back when the pptp connection is restored. How can I get pfsense to automatically add (or persist) the static route I define?

    Route Lan IP:
    PPTP Server IP:
    Remote Address Range (PPTP Client):
    Remote IP Subnet: 192.168.1.x

    Static Route I Define: ->

    I have configured under gateways.

    Feedback would be appreciated. Thank You.

  • For those interested, I figured out a workaround to my issue…

    I added the following to the end of /usr/local/sbin/vpn-linkup...

    route add -net

    It's a hacky way to do it, but it adds the route when the pptp connection is established.

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