RESOLVED - Almost there - please help Port forward

  • I have been spending today with pfSense and my HP1810. I have ALMOST everything working - 3 VLANs, internet access is set up just as I wanted it. But I do have one major problem - and Please dont laugh (I have been trying to google all guides for this):

    My NAS is on VLAN10 ( and I want to do a simple forward of port 80. I set this up under NAT as all guides suggested:

    But when I enter in the browser I get redirected to:

    I konw this has some thing to do with Admin access, where I have these settings:

    I would really appriciate any help.

    So close and still not quite there…..:)


    I did a factory reset and the strange NAT changed. Now everything is working

  • You have to flag "Disable webConfigurator redirect rule"

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