• Hi

    can we use PfSense as a load balancer with only one interface ?

    Config like this :
    PfSense WAN Address :, gateway

    Monitors :

    Srv1 :
    Srv2 :

    Virtual Servers :

    Virtual IPs : (Proxy ARP)

    Firewall WAN Rules :
    TCP source any/any destination any/any –> accept

    Tests Results :
    My pool is up (100%) (2 Srvs), my Virtual Server is Up (Active), but i cant access the servers using the Virtual Server Address

    i tested the internal servers for both gateways and gateway
    i also tested from a PC in the WAN network and from a PC in another network

    All tests Failed

    Please can someone explain what's wrong ?

    thank you for your help
    best regards