Can't get simple VIP to work

  • I have spent HOURS trying to get pfSense to work right and this firewall is already in production, so our websites are down :(

    Basically, I can forward ports for the first IP, which is set as the WAN interface, but I cannot get any ports to forward on the other IPs, which are set as VIPs.

    First IP: (this is set as the WAN IP)
    Second IP: (VIP)
    Subnet Mask: (/29)

    NAT Rule: Forward to (this does NOT work)
    NAT Rule: Forward to (this DOES work)

    I have tried setting the 2nd and 3rd IP as "IP Alias" and "Proxy ARP" but neither worked.  I have Brighthouse cable.

    Making it a bit more complicated, I pfSense is running in Hyper-V.  I've tried it with the host's WAN NIC using just the first IP and using both IPs, but same results.

    Can someone please help me?

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