2.1 RC0 upgrade hanging

  • Just started upgrading my pfSense to 2.0 RC0. Upgrade seem to be stopped at:
    Beginning package installation for squid3-dev 100%…(23*times 100%)

    When I logged into admin console, I had 2 notifications about missing dependencies for squid3. Is it still installing or is the system hanging?
    How can I go further from here?


    After 15 minutes, the upgrade seems to be finished and I get into the welcome screen. When I go into admin console I still see the message "Packages are currently being reinstalled in the background."

  • It downloads each of the PHP script files for aa package 1-by-1. A progresss report is given for each one, but on the console I don't think the file name is echoed. So you see lots of "100%" come out.
    If the "Packages being installed in the background" message stays there for a long time, then something really did go wrong inn the package download/install. There is a checkbox (somewhere  in the menus - don't remember now) to let you clear the package lock. Then you can install packages from the GUI.

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