How to configure RFC 2136 ?

  • I just installed pfSense and while I was configurating it I noticed the DDNS service. I tried through and I was able to connect it to my account but when the ip changes nothing happens, if I restart the router etc. I read here that I need an RFC 2136 update configuration in the pfSense but I don't know how to do it … Can someone help me please ?

  • Is the IP address of the pfSense WAN interface a public IP address? If not, then pfSense doesn't get notified of the public IP address change so it polls daily at 1AM.

  • I have assigned the DDNS in the WAN interface of course … After I found how to put things right in the settings I restarted my modem and then I immediately checked pfsense .... but the public ip didn't change at all ... the old one was red instead ....

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