L2TP VPN Setup

  • Can anyone shed any light how to setup L2TP with pfsense?


    I followed this guide, but it just doesn't work…

  • The guide does warn at the top it doesn't work for pfSense 2.

    As explained in the documentation L2TP VPN support currently doesn't include IPsec. If you want IPsec then see here. In short, don't forget to read (and search) the documentation ;)

  • Oh ok sorry didn't see that bit. Couldn't see much documention for it. I just want to be able to setup l2tp as easily as pptp. I not bothered about ipsec i just need a clientless vpn solution which is secure?

  • There is no such thing as a clientless VPN solution. What I assume you're looking for is one coming built in to your existing devices or operating systems.

    If you tell us about those devices we may be able to make suggestions for you. Also, just because the client is built in to your existing device doesn't mean it'll be easy to set up.

  • Sorry your right, i meant built into the os. Literally i had pptp setup and want to move from it to a more secure vpn. I just use win7 and 8 and want to use windows to connect. All i had to do with pptp is quickly config it and then go into windows enter the public ip and away i go. I was thinking as windows and most smart phones have l2tp and pptp built in. It could be just as easy. Iv openvpn and that's easy, just want to expand my knowledge. Thanks for replying.

  • I just read in the cook book that L2TP is not a secure protical and needs to be used in conjuction with Ipsec. So im going to stick with OpenVPN. Thanks for your response.

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