Camfrog Server HELP!!!!! camfrog y wont you work

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    try try try nothing i do in nat forwarding or firewall rules will let outside users connect to my camfrog server behind pfsense
    if any one knows anything about getting camfrog working from behind pfsense pleas HELP!!!!!

  • From their site:

    You can open the following ports to make Camfrog Server work behind a firewall/NAT.
    Camfrog Server:
    Please open following ports:
    TCP 6005 — incoming port for client data connections
    UDP 5000 – 15000 — incoming ports for multimedia streams
    Camfrog Client:
    Opened ports are not needed, but disable the firewall because it can cause conflicts.

    Also from this site:

    The issue mentioned in the second post isn't relevant in 2.x if you leave the "Filter rule association" option alone when creating the NAT forward.

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