1 wan 1 lan standard hfsc scheduler, high pings giving me problems with T1

  • I have a T1 that I'm trying to keep the latency low on. If I run a speed test on the line with no shaping I get pings up past 600 ms during the download portion.

    What I've done to try and correct this is running the traffic shaping wizard. I set icmp to be high priority. In the queues I can see 1pps which I'm assuming is the constant ping I have running.

    The big issue is that even with the shaping setup, I still get pings above 300ms during the download portion. This is driving me nuts I thought the shaper was suppose to handle this kind of thing.

    One other thing I noticed is I have the bandwidth in the shaper set to 1100 kbps and my download speed from the speed test is 1.27 mbps so this might have something to do with it.