"No input file specified" Error ofter enabling captive portal

  • I just upgraded my Alix 2c2 to 2.1 with the snapshot from yesterday 11-06-2013.
    After i enabled captive portal i got the error "No input file specified " and cant access the webgui.

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    Where exactly are you seeing that error?

    I just enabled CP on my ALIX on a current snapshot and didn't receive any errors.

  • The previous error was from a vpn connection pfsense is running .

    I just got near (physically) alix and tried to access the web interface and after login i got the error  500-Internal server error.

    I cant ssh to it either e get```
    ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

    The pfsense is running flawlessly i just cant get into ssh or gui.
    Nest step it to connect a console but first i have to climb to the top of a building to access it.
    Gonna try brute force shutdown(unplug the cord)

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    It may just be unfortunate timing, your CF may have died when it saved the config.

  • Did a brute force shutdown , now i have access to ssh.

    The pfsense is running, all 4 interfaces are properly configured (i have access to everything).
    Its just like web died.

    EDIT:Never mind everything seams to be running.(the magic of unplug the cord) ;D

    I'll just update it to the new snapshot.

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